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I recently discovered Natalie Woo’s work when we met at a Poshmark event. I instantly fell in love with her art and her dreamy, airy aesthetic.

Natalie has this unique talent— she somehow manages to capture who you are into a single work of art. She asked me what 5 things are important to me and that inspire me. Here’s what I told her (In no particular order):

Family & Friends
Traveling the world
My Little Leopards: Goober & Rafiki
My City: The one and only, San Francisco
My Personal Style: Quirky, Glam, Chic

With these 5 things, Natalie somehow managed to capture who I am into this gorgeous work of art:


What 5 things are important to you? Reach out to Natalie with your dreams, passions, and inspirations, and she’ll create a piece that’s uniquely you.

Artwork by Natalie Woo. Commissions upon request. Chek out her site at www.nataliewoo.com and shop her artwork at http://society6.com/woosachi. Also, stay connected to her colorful world by visiting her Facebook page: www.facebook.com/natalie.woo

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